Pigeon Pea Bibliography

Agroforestry Systems published the most articles on perennial pigeon pea across the study period, followed by Field Crops Research, two Indian journals, Indian Journal of Agronomy and Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, and International Pigeonpea Newsletter, an ICRISAT publication. The overall publication count for perennial pigeon pea articles was low at just 46 articles. As such topic modeling did not produce satisfactory topics for evaluation. Only one topic generated terms with strong enough associations to be considered coherent, with the terms yield, crop, ratoon, and product. Papers associated with this topic cover various aspects of ratoon pigeon pea systems.

The overall lack of literature on perennial pigeon pea indicates that it is understudied crop that would benefit from considerably more research attention. What research attention that has been paid to it is primarily on ratooning pigeon pea systems. Similar to sorghum, these systems and the varieties used in them might provide an excellent starting point for continuing research on perennial pigeon pea.


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