Rice Bibliography

Research on perennial rice was the most extensive of all the crops included in our search with 483 items. The vast majority of these publications appeared in International Rice Research Newsletter, a publication of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). Publication activity was particularly high in the period between 1970 and 1989.

Given the size of the collection, topic modeling produced strong results for rice. Two of the topics were dominated by terms related to various aspects of ratoon rice production, such as ratoon, crop, higher, and fertility. Articles associated with these topics included a range of articles that covered different aspects of agronomic management of ratoon rice crops and how the physiology of ratoon rice influences grain yields. The third topic was primarily about comparing the genetics of domesticated annual rice and perennial wild rice, with terms such as perennial, population, and genetic.

Research on perennial rice is more comprehensive than other candidate perennial crops. Institutions such as IRRI appear to have played an important role in supporting research. The extensive amount of literature on ratoon rice systems in particular highlights the importance of these systems as a starting point for researchers and sheds light on the comparative success researchers have had in breeding perennial rice.


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