Sorghum Bibliography

Across the study period (1930 – 2015), Sorghum Newsletter, a publication of ICRISAT, featured the highest number of publications on perennial and ratoon grain sorghum. Sorghum Newsletter was followed by two prominent agronomy journals, Field Crops Research and Agronomy Journal, and two journals specific to India, Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities and Madras Agricultural Journal. Publication counts for each journal, however, were relatively low.

Topic modeling produced three distinct topics that provide insight into perennial sorghum research. The first topic included the terms ratoon and crop. Articles strongly associated with this topic cover a variety of aspects of the ratoon grain sorghum system. The second topic was more concerned with perennial sorghum breeding efforts, including terms such as perennial, seed, and hybrid. The final topic included terms such as plant, leaf, and yield, suggesting a topic that is concerned with physiology and agronomy. But articles associated with this topic are primarily a group of papers about the effects of a stem boring moth on ratoon sorghum.

Overall, the first topic concerning ratoon sorghum had a greater number of papers associated with it. The importance of papers on ratoon grain sorghum suggest that this system has been of primary attention to researchers interested in perennial sorghum systems, while significantly less attention has been given to breeding and hybridization efforts. Given the more robust body of research on ratoon systems, crops well-adapted to ratooning and areas where this practice is more widespread may serve as important sources for generating robust, perennial sorghum grain systems.


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