Wheat Bibliography

Searches for wheat retrieved the second highest number of articles among crops studied with 167 articles. Research on perennial wheat has experienced two distinct periods of activity. From 1930 to the 1950s, the majority of research on perennial wheat occurred in the Soviet Union in publications such as Selekstia i Semenovodstvo (Selection and Breeding). While a recent increase in perennial wheat research activity, driven by work at the Land Institute, Washington State University, and other institutions, has produced a number of articles in Field Crops Research, Agronomy Journal, and Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment.

The different research foci of either era strongly influenced the topic models. Two of the topics generated included primarily terms about breeding perennial wheat through the technique of distant hybridization, and the majority of articles associated with these topics were early Soviet literature on their various breeding efforts. A third topic with a more broad focus on the agroecology and physiology of perennial wheat was also generated and was strongly associated with a number of articles from more recent research efforts.

These differences in topic modeling highlight how research objectives have shifted over time from a primary focus on success in breeding to understanding how the physiology of perennial wheat plants influences their performance and how the implementation of perennial wheat may affect ecosystem services.


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